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Vitagulp is loaded with than 10 crucial vitamins and 5 minerals as ingredients that provide kids with balanced and home-based nutritious diet. It is extremely helpful in optimizing the genetic potential of school going kids in terms of physical growth and mental development. For easy consumption, Vitagulp is prepared in tasty mango flavor that most of the children loves.

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Boosts Immunity


Promotes Mental Agility


Regulates Healthy Metabolism


Promotes Growth

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Dr. Himanshu Grover, MD (Ayurveda)

Dr. Himanshu Grover, MD (Ayurveda)

I highly recommend optimum sugar to Diabetes Type 2 or prediabetic patients. Have been prescribing this Ayurvedic medicine to my patients for the last 1 year and the results are quite great. Sugar levels start to come under control in 1-2 months of consumption. After a few months, you can totally leave allopathic medicines. It’s an ultimate composition of high quality herbs extracts. Go for it!

Malika Singh, (Nutrition Health Coach)

Malika Singh, (Nutrition Health Coach)

I know managing diabetes is tough, but thanks to India’s Ayurvedic regime that’s inclined toward treating people from the root. Root & Leaf’s Optimum Sugar is a Natural and Ayurvedic Medicine based on Ayush 82, a clinically researched formula that can help both pre-diabetics and diabetics regulate their blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. The dosage is simple. Just take one to two tablets, 30 minutes before your meals and that's it. It's an easy addition to make to your daily routine that could make a significant difference in managing your diabetes. It’s really satisfying to imagine a life where managing diabetes is a little bit easier. It's possible. So I suggest, give optimum sugar a try and start experiencing the difference.

Dr. Mayur Sankhe, (Ayurveda Expert)

Dr. Mayur Sankhe, (Ayurveda Expert)

If you are looking for a permanent solution to treat diabetes, Optimum Sugar is the right answer. I got to know about this Ayurvedic Medicine around the second quarter of 2022 and after seeing the herbs it contains, I started recommending this to my diabetic patients and the results are quite impressive. More than 80-82 percent of my patients see improvement in their lifestyle too. They feel more active, less fatigue and some young patients have also started gaining weight. So, overall, it’s a brilliant medicine with high quality herbs.


Vitamin C

Boosts immunity. Repairs red blood cells, bones and tissues.

Vitamin B3

Mental Agility. Brain's memory function. Calming effect on children.

Vitamin E

Immunity, neurodevelopment and cognition.

Vitamin B5

Metabolization of fats and carbohydrates. Aids in formation of red blood cells and adrenal hormones that regulate metabolism, immune system, and blood pressure.

Vitamin B2

Promotes red blood cell production.

Vitamin B6

Promotes healthy brain development. Regulates mood, normal body function, and stress responses

Vitamin B1

Growth and strengthening of kids' nerves and muscles. Promotes gross and fine motor function and balance skills.

Vitamin A

Vision and bone growth and helps protect the body from infections. Promotes health and growth of cells and tissues in the body, particularly those in the hair, nails, and skin.


Break down the food and turn it into energy. Proper growth and development.

Vitamin D3

Bone growth and development. Absorption of calcium in the bones.


Brain growth and development.


Height, Immunity, wound healing, cellular growth and division, development of sense of smell and taste


Major role in physical and mental ( cognitive and motor) development.


Cognitive development. Maintains heart and blood vessels.


Process proteins and genetic materials. Essential for metabolic function and cognitive development.

What does the product do?

Better mood

  • Better mood.
  • Calm and less irritated.
  • Better digestion and metabolism.

Better immunity

  • less frequency of catching cold and infections.
  • Better skin, hair and nails.

Improved memory and cognition

  • faster learning of new information and concepts.
  • Better bone health.
  • Better vision health.

Trusted by 1000+ patients

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Daily multivitamin can help bridge nutrient deficiencies in kids and aid optimal growth.



In the recommended doses, there are no side effects. You should not exceed the recommended doses unless so advised by your physician.

It has high quality raw material and goes through meticulous quality control to ensure that you get the best multivitamin for your little one. Also, the mango flavour is simply delicious and children absolutely love it which make the parents’ job easy to get their child to take it daily.

We recommend 1 teaspoonful or 5 ml twice daily.

Yes, it can be taken with at least 1 hour of gap between both. Please consult your physician before starting for more accurate information.

You can write to us on WhatsApp and we will book a consultation for you with our healthcare expert.

No side effects are reported at recommended dose. Please do not exceed recommended dose before prior consultation with your physician.


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